ACS Young ICT Professionals Conference, Sydney, September 2009

Session Title: Establishing and running an IT Sernvices business in Australia

Date: Friday 4th September

Time: 11:50am

Presentation Time: 40 mins


Having established, nurtured and successfully exited an IT services business, Julie will share her experiences tailoring the discussionon IT professionals who see owning and running their own company as one of their career goals.

What do you need to know to establish your own IT services business?How do you maximise its success especially in a downturn such as the Global Financial Crisis? When should you start planning your exit strategy?

Julie will discuss the challenges she faced during the 11 years that she owned and managed A-DB Group and how she met these challenges and turned them into opportunities.She will talk about negotiating a sale based on her experiences in 2008 when she sold A-DB Group to ASG.

  • Establishing an IT Services business in Australia
  • Growing an IT Services business
  • Turning challenges into opportunities
  • Making an IT business sustainable
  • Exiting an IT business successfully

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